Different Gambling Systems Available for the Serious Bettor

Generally the gambling systems engage manipulation of the odds of the games through the change of the bet sizes based on the prior results. Outcomes of the games differ from play to play and occurrences of streaks etc. Few experienced players are able to beat the odds through the ways or through the system while playing online. Following gambling systems are quite popular amongst all concerned with casino gambling.

Systems dependent upon misconceptions

The law of large numbers and fallacies regarding the autonomy of events are helpful for the following systems –

Playing at the same machines.

Wagering on the numbers that do not come up frequently.

Searching the machines that may pay out soon.

Wagering on the same numbers in a repeated manner in roulette or a lottery.

In such type of systems, it is assumed that varied numbers in the game come up on a regular basis. In case it has not happened so in the recent past, it is likely to happen soon. Gamblers hope that the random numbers are reliable but it is not so in many cases. Writing down the pattern of tails and heads in series may lead to some errors.

The law of large numbers states that during the occurrence of independent random events they will reflect the actual possibilities of those very events. Many gamblers involve in autonomous draws of random numbers with the exception of certain card games wherein they draw the cards without replacing from the limited numbers.

Random Patterns

The systems that are dependent on the belief that patterns appearing in random events can help to assume the future patterns cover the following points –

Selection of lucky or hot numbers.

Chase for lucky seats / tables.

Myths about fortunate gamblers.

Wagering on numbers coming up a lot

Chase for sequences, patterns or biases.

These systems are in fact contrary to the systems that are dependent on the belief that uncommon numbers are going to come up soon. Actually many people fail to understand the sovereignty of random events. On the contrary, they hope that the random events occur as per the true odds. Candidly, people often create their own misconceptions about hot numbers, biases or luck.

Patterns and sequences

Gamblers often chase complex patterns in VLT game outcomes, slot machines and lottery. This particular system is reasonable and based on evidence.

Chasing a bias

The gamblers are often induced to go in for the patterns through the past numbers by facilitating pencils and pads at the tables for tracking the numbers at the roulette tables but not at the blackjack tables. The bias system has become popular with blackjack card counting systems.

Machine Jamming

The misconception about winning through jamming the slot machine or the VLT is also not praiseworthy. Moreover, the manufactures have invented non-penetrable machines. Candidly, jamming the machine leads to reduction of randomness of the game.

Own beliefs

Concentration on winning, positive thinking, chasing the lucky numbers / places / things also form part of the gambling strategy and the players make good use of such gambling systems.